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Related post: Orchids in the Sun, Chapter 8 Orchids in the Sun by The Lavender Quill, 2003 Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of male/male sex between consenting adults. If that sort of thing bothers you, or you are a minor, or it is illegal for you to read this type of content under the laws of your area, dont read any further. This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people or events is purely coincidental. After a long delay of almost three months, here at last is chapter 8. Future updates should occur more regularly. Chapter 8. Part of me wanted to stay on the beach snuggling naked with Nick and Kenji all night. It felt so good. I had promised Waikini, however, that wed nymphet fashion galleries be back after dark. With the sky rapidly turning black, I sighed. Yeah, said Kenji. We prolly ought to head back. He must have been thinking the same thing I was. He sat up. Reluctantly, I did too. Nick pulled both of us back down on top of him. I dont wanna leave yet, Nick whined. I dont either, brah, I said. But Waikini aint gonna work for us nubile nymphets bd sisters if we leave him hangin on the first night. Youre right, Nick sighed. I just really like this. He ran his hand down my back and over my ass. nymphet erotic art I could see him doing the same to Kenji with his other hand. The beach is always here, brah, said Kenji. We come back any time. Kenji rose again, and pulled Nick to his feet. We all pulled our shorts back on and then hiked back up to the parking lot with flashlights. On the drive back to Masashis, Nick sat in the back, leaning forward between the seats. He had one hand on Kenjis shoulder and young girl nymphs the other on the back of my neck. I parked and we got out. Kenji and I started toward the front door, and Nick headed for his car. Where you goin? Kenji asked Nick. Home, said Nick. Ill see you guys tomorrow as soon as I get out lile nymphets gallery of class. Nah uh, I said. This was your idea. If you want this to be a relationship, you sleepin with us tonight. Nick naked nymphet pictures grinned sheepishly. I guess I hadnt thought of the logistics of this. I was just starting to. If the three of us were going to sleep in one place, it sure as heck wasnt going to be the tiny apartment I shared with my dad. Nicks parents house was nicer and larger, but I couldnt see us living with his parents. The deciding nymphet cumshot factor, however, was Masashi. Until we could find a better solution, we had to be there to help take care of him. Maybe we can get a place for just the three of us some day, I said. But for now, I think we need to be here. I looked nymph child pussy at Kenji to make sure this was okay with him. He nodded his head in agreement. free nymphet thumbs I got homework I still gotta do tonight, Nick complained. I dont have any clothes or anything here. You can bring nymphet pics porn your homework over here, like, said Kenji. Yeah, I said with a wicked grin. Well help. Nick shifted on gateway nymphets his feet, not responding to the jibe. Something was bothering him. I walked over to him. Whatsa matter Nick? Nothing I guess, he sighed. You know, Ive been thinking about this for a while. About us. But I never really thought of what to tell my parents. Kenji walked over and joined us. What you mean? he asked. I thought you came out to them when you were, like, sixteen. I was thinking the same thing. There had been no holding Nick back. Nick was about as out as you get. His parents were well aware that the three of us were nymphette angel sex best buddies. Well, you know, I like to have my fun, said Nick awkwardly. But I still live at home. I spend the night away sometimes, but Ive never lived with another guy. Usually if Im with a guy, I just go home really late. I dont want that to be how it is with us, said Kenji. If you want nudistnymphets us to be a a triple, he looked at me then back to Nick, then I think we need to be together. I know, said Nick. Youre nymphet free photos right. I girl nymphets pic just hadnt thought it out all that well. Im a little nervous, you know? You? I said arching an eyebrow. kids models nymphets Nervous? Yeah, well, they know Im gay, but in a kind of academic way. Im not too sure how theyll react if I go tell them Im moving out to live with my two boyfriends. Uh huh, I said. That even sounds weird to me. Your gonna have to tell them sooner or later, said Kenji. Unless you plan on hiding it. I couldnt imagine Nick hiding anything for long. Hes not one for keeping secrets. Want me to go with you? I asked. Would you? You guys go ahead, said Kenji. I better go in so Waikini can go home. Thanks guys, said Nick. Well be back in a bit, Kenji. I thought about Nicks parents while we rode over in his Lexus. I was not exited by the prospect of visiting them. They were always polite to me because I was Nicks friend, but never more than polite. I dont think they like me much. They dont mind that Im gay; underwear nymphets they just think Im a lazy uneducated surfer with no aspirations in cam little nymphet life. Ever since he decided to stay here to go to what they consider to be a substandard college so he could be with us, they think Im a bad influence on Nick. Whats worse is that they are right, at least in part. ukrainian nymphets model Kenji and I had sucked Nick into the island life. His parents planned to nymphets as 15 yo move back to the mainland some day. Maui was just a pleasant stop on a more ambitious career path. Neither Kenji nor I would ever consider leaving the islands, and now Nick probably wouldnt either. You dont necessarily have to tell them tonight, I pritty nymphets said. Weve all spent the night at each others places before. They probably wont suspect anything if you just tell them youre spending a night or two at Masashis. Especially since weve got the busy weekend coming up at the nursery. Nah. Fuck it. Im just gonna sweet nymphet sex tell em. That sounded like Nick. Act now; think about it later. Are you sure? Hell no, said Nick. Im only sure I want us to be together. The rest is just a distraction. We pulled into his driveway and Nick clicked the button for the garage door opener. It was a three-car garage, and Nick got one of the bays now that his sister had her own apartment. I thought of this nice big house, and suddenly felt a twinge of guilt for asking him to give all this up. I guess I wasnt asking since it was Nicks idea, but it felt weird anyway. Nick, I said. Mellow out, brah. Would it be more stressful to tell them right now this minute, or wait for a few days? The garage door closed behind us and Nick turned the car off. He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss. Youre right, surfer dude. We got a busy weekend coming up. Maybe its better to settle in to this for a few days and tell them later. Give me some time to think about how to tell them. See? I said. All that college is paying off. You can think before you jump if you want to. We went into the house. We said hello to his parents. His mother said hello to me, politely but not warmly, and kissed Nick on the cheek. Did you eat nymphet toplists dinner Nick? she asked. Do you want me to fix you something? We ate over at Kenjis, Nick said. He looked at me with a lecherous grin. And I had a protein shake. Nick licked his lips and I tried not to choke. I knew he was referring to Kenji spewing a load down his throat, but the reference was lost on his mother. Thankfully. Im always hungry for nymphet nude ru more, though. God, he was outrageous! He finally stopped leering at me and turned an innocent face back to his mother. Can we have small nude girls nymphets a sandwich or something? Sure, she said. Let me see what I can find. The three of us walked in to the kitchen. It nymphets gallerys was huge, like the rest of the house. The refrigerator probably cost as much as my car. Nicks mother hunted around in it and pulled out some meats and cheeses. She made sandwiches for both of us. I watched her smiling and fussing over Nick, trying to understand their relationship. It was clear that Nick loved his parents, but their relationship was much different than what I shared with my father. I could tell my father anything. I planned to talk to him about my new relationship as soon as I could. Nick didnt relate to his parents that way. I think the difference nymphets underground ilegal is expectations. My father has very laissez-faire attitude toward parenting. He pretty much lets me do whatever I want, as long as Im not hurting anyone. Nicks parents, on the other hand, have plans for him. Or nymphets art pak had. They wanted him to go to a better college. They want him to have a good career or at least what they consider to be a good career and make lots of money. They love him. They just wish he would act a little more like them. His father came strolling into the kitchen as we started to munch on the sandwiches. Im gonna spend the weekend over at Kenjis, Nick said between bites. Do you have to work every weekend at that nursery? asked his father. That nursery, hed said, the distain clear in his tone. It would nude ukrainien nymphets be nice if you could get a weekend off every now and then. I like working there, dad. He put his sandwich down. I dont want a weekend off. The flowers are beautiful. I like being with my friends. Its easy work. What more could I want? You could have some fun. If it were any more fun, Id have to secret nymphet pics pay them. Laughing, he led me upstairs to his bedroom. I left the rest of my sandwich behind too. Nick seemed to be trying to keep the mood light, and get us out of there nymphet nude links as little nymphets 16 y.o. quickly as he could. He scooped up a daypack from next to his desk and tossed it on his bed. Homework, he said. He closed a laptop computer on his desk and slipped it into the pack with his schoolwork. He pulled a small overnight bag out of his closet, set it on the bed and opened it. He started tossing me clothes from his dresser and his closet, and I stuffed them in the bag. It would take many trips to move him completely, I realized. He had more clothes than I probably owned in my life. Next he went in to his bathroom he had his own bathroom, a bathroom bigger than the bedroom in my apartment and packed up some toiletries. That ought to get me through the weekend, said Nick. Ill worry about the rest later. You know, you got enough shit in here to fill half of Masashis house. I waved around his room. Yeah. Im not sure what to do. I know we gotta be there to help out, but long term, I dont think 15yo sweet nymphet thats going to work very well. Its a pretty small house. Way too small for four people. I dont take up much space, I said, only half joking about my size. Im more worried about what to tell Masashi. We kept it a secret the two nights I slept with Kenji, but I cant imagine well be able to keep him from noticing the three of us sleeping in Kenjis room for long. This keeps getting more complicated. You thought it wouldnt be? Guess I wasnt thinking about that kind of stuff, said Nick, youngest nymphet nudes running a finger down my arm. It gave me goosebumps. Hed been thinking about the sex, not the living arrangements. Well work it out. You ready to go? We drove back to Masashis. When we arrived, Waikini was gone, and Masashi was in bed. nymphets sucking boys Howzit? I asked Kenji. Masashi seems to like Waikini okay. He gonna start working next week. I asked him to start on Wednesday, so he can work over the weekends. He cool wi dat. That was smart, I thought. Weekends were our busiest time at the american funlumpkinsing nymphets nursery, when we would have the hardest time watching Masashi. Nick excused himself and went in to the living room to do his homework. Kenji and I left him alone. I hunted around nymphet virgins the kitchen for something to eat. I ended up making some teriyaki chicken with some store-bought sauce. Kenji helped out by wrapping his arms around nymphets underage free me from behind and gluing himself to my nymphets 13 years back. I wished I was a little taller so I could feel his crotch on my ass, but nymphets angels picture it was nice anyway. You okay with this? crazy nymphets Kenji asked. Yeah. I leaned back against him as the chicken sizzled in the pan. It kinda weird, you know. But I love you both so much. I think you guys are right. This the only way. I hope we can make it work. Well make it work, said Kenji. Think we gonna be able to keep Nick satisfied? I voiced a concern that I had that was nagging me a little. Of the three of us, I figured Nick was the most likely to wander. His sexual appetite seemed to be stronger than ours. Would we be enough for him? Ill try my best to keep up my end. Har har, I said. Im serious. I know. I think you worry too much, brah. Seems like he been thinking about it a lot. He wouldnt suggest it if he didnt think it would be enough for him. I hope so. This scares me a little, you know? The three of us? I know. Me too, brah. But we make it work, he said again. He nuzzled my neck and gave me a reassuring squeeze. Any idea on how we keep this from Masashi? I asked. Nah. I was gonna ask you that. I mentioned it to Nick. Even with half his brain cells gone, Masashi gonna notice the hot nymphets pussy three of us sleeping in your room. Yeah, but he know you sleep ona hide-a-bed too, said Kenji. Maybe we just do same thing. Not say anything. You guys here a lot anyway. We just bbs illegal uncensored nymphets pretend nothings changed. As long as we not katya nymphet studios mash on each other in front of him, he can pretend we just friends. Hey, I can have some self control. Its that horn dog Nick you gotta worry about, like. Him bein such a horn dog kinda turn me on, said Kenji. Me to. Guys an animal, like. Kenji slipped a hand down the front of my shorts. I was getting a little nymphets chill sites turned on, but the chicken would burn if I let myself get too distracted just then. You an animal too, I said. You just a island animal; slow and mellow. His hand was groping young nymphet nude me softly but firmly, and his nuzzling was turning into something a bit more passionate on my neck. I was starting to get seriously hard. I was surprised how far Kenji had come. Just a few days ago he was crying when we made love. Brah, you gotta wait. Im tryin to make dinner. He released me and took a step away. I took a breath to regain my composure, and stirred the chicken again. Kenji started to leave. I put the spoon down and grabbed him. I didnt say you had to go, I said. I didnt want him to feel unwanted. He may have come a long way, but I knew he was still pretty sensitive. I dragged him back and pulled his arms around me again. I like this, I said. I just cant concentrate to cook wit you hand down my shorts. He small cute nymphets held me from behind like that until I finished cooking. I turned the stove off, and was about to call Nick when he walked into the kitchen. Whats up? Nick asked. Chickens done, I said. I was just gonna call you. Kenji stuffed his hand down my shorts again. I was just groping Trevor, said Kenji. Wanna help? After I eat, said Nick. Im starved. Me too, said Kenji. He pulled his hand back out. * * * * * That night we slept together for the first time. Before we went to bed, Nick pulled something out of his bag. He unwrapped it, and it was the carving I had made of the three of us that I had given him for his birthday. Can we put this somewhere? he asked Kenji. I want to set it out where we can see it any time. Glad you brought nymphet upskirt it, brah, said Kenji. You want it in da bedroom or da living room? I lay on the bed, watching them. It made me feel good that they wanted to display it. I had carved it with ls pics nymphet a glad heart, and I glowed under the attention they gave it. In here for now, said clitty clit nude nymphets Nick. This is the only room that seems like ours. How bout here, said Kenji. He cleared off a space in the center of his dresser, moving a couple of pictures and an old clock. Nick placed the carving in the space Kenji had made for it, next to a picture of he and William. Id been thinking of us for a while, said Nick. The nymphete torrent three of us. When you gave me this, Trevor, thats when I decided to make a move on you. I was just thinking about us as best friends when I made it, I said. Nick slipped out of his clothes. I know, he said. But besides the sex, I skinny nymphet pussy knew you were thinking of us. How we belong together. I was just thinking on another level. I undid my shorts and Nick pulled them off me. Behind him, Kenji stripped too. He gave Nick a playful shove, and he fell across me. Kenji turned off the light and crawled in bed with us. We messed around some, but didnt get too carried nymphets magazzine away. We had been friends for so long that we didnt feel we had to rush into things too quickly. And Kenji didnt want us to get too loud with Masashi across the hall. Wed already discovered that it was difficult to keep Nick quiet. With three of us on the bed, it was a bit nymphet teaser crowded, and a little hot, erotic nymphet pussy but I loved it. They let me sleep in the middle. Have you ever noticed how happy a group of puppies look, all sleeping together? I think I know that feeling now. I wasnt used to this new arrangement, so I woke several times in the night. No matter where I turned, there was one of my lovers to snuggle to. Or both. I figured sex with the two of them would be young naked nymphette really hot, but sleeping spooned between them was an unexpected pleasure. I felt so cared for, so loved. I burrowed in close to whoever was on the nymphets pics art side I was facing at the moment, draping an arm or leg over them, while the other held me from behind. We slept in a little late. When I woke, I dashed into the bathroom to pee, then dashed littke nymphet pic back. Kenji was sitting on the edge of the bed, obviously contemplating getting up. No no no, I said softly. I pushed him back down, and crawled on top of him. Nick was moving, but only half awake. I kissed Kenji softly and lovingly. Good morning, I said. Mmm, said Kenji. Thats nice. Gotta say good morning to Nick too, I said. Nick was watching us, and smiled when I leaned over to him for a kiss. After I kissed him, Kenji did too. Morning Nick, I smiled. Hey, said Nick. I think I like waking up like this. I havent woke up yet, I said. Im having this fantastic dream that Im lovers with my two best friends. Cool dream, said Nick. Kenji was rubbing that sensitive spot I have on my inner thigh. I rolled and kissed him again. I wished I could snuggle with them all day. There was hot naked boy-flesh everywhere I turned. We nymphets bj fooled around lazily for a nymphets site young few minutes, but didnt let things get too intense. Nick had class to go to. Masashi was no doubt already awake and roaming around the house. Kenji needed to get to the top wild nymphet Nursery. Reluctantly, we eventually disentangled and got out of bed. I was in the least fucked nymphets hurry, so Kenji went to check on Masashi, and Nick headed for the bathroom for a quick shower. I thought it would have been fun for the three of us to shower together, but that would have been too obvious for Masashi to ignore. * * * * * Maybe we should have had sex that morning. I ended up being horny all day. I suspect it wouldnt have made much difference. I probably would have been horny anyway. After Nick and Kenji had gone, I fiddled around the house with Masashi, but my mind was on them, replaying our scene at the beach over and over in my mind. The memory of sleeping with them fresh and immensely comforting. I drove to the nursery after lunch. Kenji and I walked to the back orchid tent and he kissed me gently but deeply. I been thinkin bout you guys all morning, like, said Kenji. Me to, brah. I slipped my hands up under his shirt and we kissed again. Working around here is gonna be different, I said when we broke apart. Yeah. He hugged me and kissed the top of my head. Hows Masashi. He seemed alert enough. He was tired though. He went to take a nap when I was leaving. We prolly dont have to worry he run off if he sleeping, said Kenji. Prolly not. I kissed him once more. I better get up bbs nymphets sweet front and help Marlene. Okay. Let me know you need anything. Besides a blowjob? He laughed. That gotta wait till later, he said. We kissed one last time, and I walked back up to the retail shop. The afternoon was busy enough that it mostly kept my mind off litlle teens nymphets sex. At least until Nick arrived later in the afternoon. We were in the middle of a rush of tourists when he sweet nymphets jpg walked in, so we couldnt do more than say hello. As soon as we hit a lull, we snuck back through the orchid tents. As soon as we felt safe, Nick grabbed me into a deep kiss. It left me tiny naked nymphets weak and breathless, as Nicks kisses tend to. God, Ive wanted to do that little nymphet erotica all fucking day, said Nick. I know, I said. You better find little models nymphet Kenji and give him illegal very little nymphette one of those. He pretty horny too. One more first. He kissed me again, his tongue doing a dance in my young nymphet free video mouth, his hand snaking down the back of my shorts, cupping my ass. Do you have any idea how hard it is to concentrate on accounting class when all I can think about young teen nymphet bbs is eating your ass? Nick asked. Somethings hard, I said, giving his crotch a playful squeeze. Go say hi to Kenji. I go back up front. Thanks surfer dude. He gave a last light kiss, and yuong nymphets then headed off in schoolgirl nymphet tgp the direction of the lab. I went back to the retail shop, where things were picking up again. Nick came back in about ten minutes later. He looked slightly flushed, and his pants had an nymphette illegal obvious bulge. Apparently hed found Kenji. I smiled at him and he winked at me as we got back to work. When the customers slowed the next time, I sent Marlene off on a break. Nick picked up the phone and started to dial a number out of the phone book. Who you calling? I asked. Furniture store. I looked at him blankly. Hello, he said into the nymphette tgp phone. I want to order a king size bed. Mattress, box spring, and frame. Can I give you a credit card over the phone, and have it delivered? He winked at me and smiled. He nymph girls little pulled out his wallet nymphet shocking and read off a card number over the phone. He listed a nudelittlenymphs couple of skinny nymphet model brand names and styles to me, but I shrugged. Id never bought a bed before, and dont know anything about the different types. He picked one out and completed his transaction. Theyll deliver it Monday afternoon after class, said Nick. I envied his impulsiveness. I dont even free porn nymphet pics have a credit card, ukrainian nymphets underground I said. You want one? I can probably help you get one. I thought about it. Given my utter lack of monetary responsibility, I decided it probably was just as well I didnt have one. Not really, I guess. I fidgeted for a minute. Um, Nick, I said. I think its cool that youre buyin us a new bed, like. But maybe you should ask us first, you know? Trevor, I really liked sleeping with you guys last night, but you gotta admit, that bed is too small. That bed was never meant for three, even if one of nymphets young girls us is a little short. I know. But I dont know if I can afford to pitch in for that. I dont even know how much you just spent. I can afford it. Im not marrying you for your money. I know you dont have much, Trevor. Dont worry about it. That aint the point. nudist nymphets model I sighed. Shouldnt we be making decisions like that together? This aint about you. Its about us. Maybe we should set up a joint account or something. Oh. I didnt think very little pedo nymphets about that. nymphet cp pedo He was quiet for a minute. Want me to call them back and cancel? No. A bigger beds prolly a good idea. I just think itd be better to make that kind of decision with all three of us. Nick came over and hugged me. Sorry. Youre right. Another mini-bus arrived then, so we couldnt talk about it any further. As tourists bought their orchids and other trinkets, the constant exchange of money got me thinking of financial issues. Monetarily, we were very uneven in this relationship. I was by far the poorest. I had nothing except what Kenji paid me for working at the nursery. We were pretty casual about it. I didnt really pay much attention to the number of hours I worked, but it didnt matter. Unofficially, part of my job was helping to look after Masashi too. I didnt pay much attention to what Kenji paid me either, but I knew it was generous. It was enough for my share of the apartment I shared with my father, my Rav4, food, and spending money. As far model nymphette girl as I was concerned it covered my needs fine. Kenji didnt necessarily bring more cash to the relationship, but he brought the business. Plus he stood to inherit Masashis house and all the land. As a practical matter, it was his already. Nick was the loaded one. Though long term, it was hard to say. Right now, his parents were supporting him, and rather lavishly. They bought him a nice car, clothes, a great computer. Within reason, he could pretty much buy anything he wanted. But would all fresh nymphets sites that end? I imagine he would be expected to fend for himself once he finished college. Or maybe not. If his parents were bothered by our relationship, would they cut him off? I remembered him mentioning a trust fund a couple of times, but I didnt know the details. I hadnt really cared all that much and never asked. Now I wondered. I never worried much about money before, but now I felt a little guilty. Would Nick or Kenji nymphette sex videos feel like I was freeloading off little pussy nymphets them since I brought the least to this relationship, financially? I didnt think so. Though Nick had lots of money to spend, and did, I also got the impression that it wasnt all that important to him. Nick was a happy outgoing guy, and money had nothing to do with it. He never flaunted his money around Kenji and me. lolli nymphets Likewise, Kenji never treated me like an employee, like he sometimes would with Marlene or Zan. He always treated me as an equal partner. Nick too. The three of us made plans together. Though we didnt really talk about it in such terms, the nursery was our future together. Now more than ever, I guess. When the last tourist left ukrainian nymphets link and we locked the doors, we sent Marlene home. nymphets panty Nick took the cash to the office to count up and do the book keeping. I put Koko back in his nymphet footjob cage and watched him preen his feathers for a minute. I gonna go find Kenji, I said to Nick. I thought Kenji would have gone home earlier to check on little african nymphets Masashi, but I had noticed that his Nissan was still in the parking lot. Okay. Ill catch up with you in a few minutes. I wandered back through the orchids, finding Kenji in the fourth tent back. He was transplanting young orchids from tiny illegal underage nymphet pots flat chested nymphets into larger ones. Hey Kenji. Howzit? I said. Hey, brah. He smiled warmly at me. I noticed he had changed into a sarong, and wasnt wearing a shirt. I thought youd go home to Masashi, I said. I saw you car. He gotta meeting tonight with the old Democrats. Neighbor taking him. She called, left a message when she left with him. He not be home till late. Ah. That explained why he was not 101 nymphet in a rush to leave. He stood and set down the pot hed just finished with. He looked good enough to eat. So that means we got all evening to do, I shrugged, da kine? Kiss me, Trevor, he asked, his tone needy. Oh, Kenji. We embraced and fell into a long kiss. Nick, Marlene and I had been busy with customers all afternoon, but Kenji had been back here by himself. Hed obviously been thinking about us. He hadnt changed into the sarong just to transplant orchids. As we kissed, Kenji pulled up my tee shirt and caressed my skin. We broke just long enough for him to pull it over my nymphets xxx top head, then went back to kissing. Finally he pulled away. Man I needed dat, he said. Been thinking about you guys all day. Nick came back for a minute when he got here. I know. He was pretty horny ukranian nymphet story rape too. He just made me hornier. I laughed. I pulled away from him, but took his hand. I dragged him with me as I walked to where the phone was. I rang the office and Nick answered. Hey, brah, I said. Hi, said Nick. I found a really horny nymphets lands info guy back here wearing nothing but a sarong. Oh yeah? His voice perked up. Yeah. I hope it dont take you long to finish with the accounting. He aint gonna be wearing it for long. I hung up the phone, and turned to Kenji, grinning. That aughta get him back here pretty quick, I said. Kenji laughed. Im gonna go lock the gate. Ill be back in a minute. I kissed him again briefly, rubbing against him. I could feel that he didnt have any underwear under his sarong. Dont take too long, said Kenji as I headed out the door. I started to run. (To be continued.) I love receiving emails. Accolades, encouragement, suggestions, comments, and corrections are welcome and gladly accepted. . Other work by The Lavender Quill can be found on the web at . Please consider joining the Lavender Quill Yahoo Group.
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